Titan Time Delivering Superior Phone Service

Now, you can provide a superior phone PIN to increase your revenue.

Eliminate those costly and annoying incidents when consumers call using their phone PINS and all they get is a busy signal or a poor connection. You can guarantee quality service every time the Titan’s phone PINs are used. You will have peace of mind because satisfied customers often return to buy more PINs from your store.

How does it work?

When a customer purchases phone time the customer is provided a 
functional phone card number and pin that can be used to call anywhere in
the U.S.

Why use the Titan Time?

  • Receive a full five minutes of phone time for every dollar
  • Purchase as much time as needed
  • Use the flexible phone time on all phones
  • Works with any sweepstakes promotion or system
  • Provides phone time by a reputable company
  • Easily reloadable and available pins